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Juice = Juice

on July 17, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 07/20, starting at 11:30am at the brewery, we are bringing you a collaboration with our friends from Oregon, Great Notion Brewing, Juice = Juice (8.5% ABV DIPA). $20 per 4-pk, limit 1 case per person Limit subject to change.

Juice = Juice was born when we had Great Notion in the lab to review, axioms, hypothesis, postulates, and proofs to derive and fuse our juice tactics together to make a beer bursting with extreme flavor. We used a malt bill of heavy wheat along with a combination of flaked oats and oat malt for the foundation. We whirlpooled heavy with Citra and Idaho 7 and finished it with our absolutely biggest galaxy dryhop to date AND ran galaxy through EQs energy process for the first time.

Juice = Juice pours a bright straw yellow and gives off big big aromas of tropical juice flavors. The flavor follows, with a jumbo medley of island fruits and a touch of dankness. You’ll notice a mild bitterness upfront, pillow like mouth feel midway and a smooth juicy finish at the end making it extremely balanced and drinkable. You probably don’t want to miss this one.

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rpetroni@alum.mit.eduJuice = Juice

Lifestyle Sponsorship

on July 10, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 07/13, starting at 11:30am at the brewery, we are excited to bring you a collaboration with our friends from Denmark, @dryandbitterbrewingco, Lifestyle Sponsorship (4.8% ABV Pale Ale). $15 per 4-pk, limit 1 case per person Limit subject to change.

Built on collaboration, a meeting of the minds, life discussions, and spending time with people you enjoy, we wanted to make a beer we can drink all day while catching up with one another. Lifestyle Sponsorship is an American Pale Ale made with loads of Citra along with a citra-cyro dry hop. It’s hopped at the rate of our DIPA’s while still being delicate and crushable. It has fruity characteristics including sublime aromas and flavors of bright orange, grapefruit and lime and mango. Juicy and crushable this 4.8% is your all day long beer and a summer crusher for sure.

We’ll also has a fresh batch of MC² available!

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rpetroni@alum.mit.eduLifestyle Sponsorship


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This Friday 07/05, starting at 5pm at the brewery, we are excited to bring you a collaborative American Imperial Stout with our friends fromThree Chiefs Brewing, Players (11.0% ABV). $16 per bottle, limit 4 bottles per person. Limit subject to change.

When Charles, Nate, Gerard, and Kramer came to Middletown, we took them to one of our favorite local watering holes, Players. After some joking around and a long… long… night of hanging out, jokes became reality and our collaboration was named. Players is an American Imperial Stout brewed with Madagascar vanilla beans, Fiji cacao nibs, toasted coconut, and Mostra Coffee ghost bear espresso. No lactose was harmed in this beers creation. It pours jet black with a beautiful deep tan head. The dynamics of the relative adjunct strength shift as the beer warms and time lengthens. The creamy flavor is a medley of some of our favorite things: coffee at first and then a transformation to chocolate brownie batter sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes followed by notes of vanilla-marshmallow to balance it out. As it’s one of our longest boils yet, the viscosity and body is thick. We recommend drinking this at or near room temperature to experience all the adjuncts have to offer. We recommend NOT cellaring this beer to enjoy its fresh coffee and coconut character.

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Walk Under The Sky

on July 2, 2019 No comments

This FRIDAY 07/05, starting at 5pm at the brewery, we are bringing you the next beer in the cloud series, Walk Under The Sky (8.0 % ABV DIPA) at $20 per 4-pk, limit 1 case per person. Limit subject to change.

Walk Under The Sky uses the same amount of oats as Cirrus and WOTS to give you that extremely pillowy mouthfeel, but has a different hop ratio along with a touch of lactose. The biggest difference is the Energy dry hop process we gave it. Like Deviation, this process gives the beer a bolder, brighter, and more tropical fruit cup flavor for maximum juiciness and and drinkability. This beer is smooth, bright, fruity, crushable, and has our #EQJuice finish.

We’ll also be announcing another can, in addition to a bottle that we made with some friends from Cali 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽. You know where to be Friday afternoon.

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rpetroni@alum.mit.eduWalk Under The Sky