Food Program

2 South Street, Middletown, NY

Please follow along @eqbonfire for updates and progress on our newest project, Equilibrium Bonfire.


If you frequent @eqbrewery, you’ve most likely tried Pete’s BBQ at an event or a release we’ve hosted.  Pete has been sharing brisket – cooked on an authentic stick burner – with the beer community for the past 2+ years, and he looks forward to kicking things up a notch by making BBQ for both the beer and local Middletown communities at a larger scale.
Our new food program, located at 2-8 South Street, will feature live fire cooking, including smoking techniques inspired by the 6+ years Pete spent in Austin exploring Central Texas BBQ.  We will transform local wood, steel, time and the best local meats/vegetables/cheeses we can source with the alchemy of fire.
Fire is primal. Fire extends daylight, provides heat, wards off bad cats and snakes, and gives us safe food to eat. This critical survival tool carved our evolutionary path and led humans to socialize around a place where they felt safe, warm, and fed. That’s why we’ve chosen to represent this project with the concept of a bonfire.
With love and much excitement,
The Equilibrium Team

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