Our Beers

We craft beers based on MIT-trained-scientific principles to balance drinkability and massive flavor. Our beers are created using a principle of “Mass Balance Brewing,” which focuses on the sources and sinks of different flavors to maximize and balance the right distribution of flavor-active compounds in your glass. All our beers are derived from our Research and Inspiration Series to produce our Equilibrium Series. We want to share the results of our research and inspiration along the way in an organic process as it occurs. Discoveries and refinements to our processes, ingredients, and new flora/fauna may update our Equilibrium Series as we deem appropriate depending on where Research and Inspiration take us… Meaning we’re always looking to make our beer better and more inspired.

Equilibrium Series

These beer recipes were subjected to countless iterations and currently reflect our state-of-the science brewing knowledge, are in balance, and at Equilibrium (which is the meaning of the series symbol). Typically, these beers start in the Research and Inspiration series and are then, in a sense, promoted. Two prime examples are our Equilibrium Series is our flagship DIPA MC2 and our award-winning Pale Ale Photon.

Research Series

This is where we learn how a beer changes in response to changes in fundamental process, ingredients, and flora/fauna, which is the literal meaning of the series symbol. We experiment with how these elements interact to ultimately create the drinking experience we want. Two prime examples of our Research series are dHop and Fractal. 

Inspiration Series

Inspiration to brew or finish a beer comes from our surroundings and experiences. Examples of what generates this creative process can be an ingredient, a place, a sensory sensation when tasting a barrel, an elicited emotional response, or the desire to share a beer with special people close to us and create experiences for them. Two prime examples of our Inspiration series are Life After Death Star and Austin.

A specific individual beer comes from a point in 2-D space from our Series and the Style of beer.

For example, a hoppy beer could come from our Research, Inspiration, or Equilibrium series and our Inspiration series can also have all our favorite styles of beer.

Styles of Beer

Each style of beer – Hoppy, Stouts/Porters, Farmhouse Ale, and Lagers have unique elements of process and ingredients that have been optimized.

Hoppy Ales

Are brewed using a novel hopping process that maximizes the extraction of flavorful and aromatics from hops compounds that create our EQ Juice while minimizing the contribution of harsh components that traditionally limit the application of hops. Our pale ales are particularly ambitious and challenging beers to make. We want to keep the alcohol low yet deliver that juicy hop aroma and flavor of a bigger IPA. They are designed to drink like a lower ABV bigger beer with the idea being that you can have several in a session, fully enjoy the drinking experience, yet still get your work done the next day.

Collaborators and Variants

We offer many variants with different changes to ingredients, solera foeder blending, and spirit and wine barrel aging. One of our favorite parts about being in the brewing industry is all the wonderful friends we’ve made and the synergies and the advancements to that state-of-the-science brewing technology that comes from working with Our Collaborators.

At the time of this writing, we’ve produced over 500 beers, which can all be found here:


All this being said, we consider ourselves to be an experimental brewery with emphasis on Research and exploration driven by Inspiration and curiosity as both scientists and beer drinkers. Without you there is no us. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love and share it with you.

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