We are pleased to offer Equilibrium Beer in keg format to go for all your party, get-together, and kegerator needs.

If you’re interested in a keg for personal use, please email sales@eqbrew.com and let us know what style you’re looking for and what date you’ll need it. We’ll respond with options to choose from.

Kegs To Go FAQs:

Q: What kind of keg?

A: Single use Sixtel Unikegs with a standard Sanke-D coupler.

Q: Why did EQ choose this keg format?

A: You won’t have to worry about returning kegs and you don’t need to worry about large deposits.

Q: Will you ship to-go kegs?

A: No, you’ll have to pick these up from our retail area at the brewery.

Q: What happens to the keg when it’s kicked?

A: While many creative options exist, the simple action is simply recycle it.

Q: How much beer is in a Sixtel?

A: 1/6 barrel (Sixtel) = 5.2 gallons = 41 pints.

Q: What kind of system is recommended for serving these kegs?

A: How you serve your beer plays a major role in how long your keg stays fresh. Always keep the keg cold with refrigeration or a bucket of ice. Using a kegerator or draft system that dispenses draft beer using a CO2 draft system at the proper temperature and pressure is ideal. Using a picnic/party pump will introduce oxygen into your keg, which greatly speeds up the process of beer losing its freshness and should only be used in a pinch… or if the keg will be consumed very rapidly…

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