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Our First Two Large-Scale Batches!

on November 7, 2016 No comments

We are very excited to keg our first two large-scale batches. Tasting notes follow:

Photon (4.8% ABV) is our light and crushable American Pale Ale loaded with pacific northwest hops. It pours a very hazy orange, releasing well-blended notes of apricot, tangerine, peach, mango, and pineapple. It tastes of soft juicy tropical fruits, hop resins, and a hint of biscuit. A smooth rounded bitterness with a touch of dryness ensures you’re ready for the next sip. This drinking experience is further enhanced with a soft and billowy mouth-feel that has made this the go to ale for the EQ crew, especially when a productive day needs to follow a fun night.
Mmm… Osa (4.8% ABV) is our beloved Photon American Pale Ale conditioned on freshly zested oranges at a rate of 6 oranges per bbl. It is everything photon is, with a stronger orange presence; this citric delight is our preferred way to start the afternoon.

These beers will be tapped tomorrow (11/8/2016) with our dear friends from Dutch’s in Rock Hill, NY at 5:00 PM. Dutch’s is the sister restaurant to the Equilibrium Grille, which will provide local fresh foods on location at the Brewery. They will host our beers, our experimental small-scale batches, plenty of other amazing guest NY brewed beers, and out of state favorites. Please like their page to stay up to date on events and offerings.

The bulk of this beer will hit select draft accounts in the Hudson Valley and New York City this Friday (11/11/2016). We will provide exact locations shortly.

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info@eqbrew.comOur First Two Large-Scale Batches!

Fresh Orange Zest

on November 5, 2016 No comments

Half of our first batch of Photon, our hoppy 4.8% Pale Ale, will be conditioned on fresh orange zest, which should make for a citric delight we are calling: Mmm… Osa

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info@eqbrew.comFresh Orange Zest


on July 11, 2016 No comments

Today was the final acceptance test of the brewhouse. Can’t wait to start brewing!

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