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We love our hops.

on January 12, 2017 No comments

We love our hops. They are family to us. This is why we took a momentary hiatus from brewing to finish hop storage “renovations” and ensure the quality of our hops… Now that this logistical hiccup has been addressed… We are very excited to be brewing again… Here hops meet their destiny for Batch #2 of MC^2. We will be cranking out hoppy batches for the next several days including Fractal Citra and new DIPA we are calling Vulgar Display of Flower.

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info@eqbrew.comWe love our hops.

First Bottling Run

on January 10, 2017 No comments

First bottling run of our mixed culture farmhouse ale in progress. After bottling it will naturally carbonate and further condition before being released.

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info@eqbrew.comFirst Bottling Run