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New Years Release!

on December 30, 2017 No comments

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ is kicked. We appreciate all of the love and support you’ve shown us during our first year. We can’t wait to to share 2018 with you. Happy New Year!

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info@eqbrew.comNew Years Release!


on December 28, 2017 No comments

In addition to dHop4, we are pleased to announce the release of dHop6 this Saturday (12/30) at $20/4-pack limit one case pp (limits are subject to change).

MC2 (aka “strangers in the morning”) is a very important beer to us at Equilibrium. We are very happy with the balance of flavor and drinkability and hence why MC2 was promoted to our Equilibrium series. We haven’t played around with its original recipe, until now… but this is literally the point of the dHop series. It’s fun. We get to play. dHop6 is the closest thing we will make to DDH MC2. We kept everything the same but increased the dry hop dosing with the same hops at the same ratio, just more. dHop6 pours a very hazy tangerine color, releasing dank and bright tropical notes of mango, apricot, earth, pineapple, berry, with a touch of weed. dHop6 tastes like succulent hop juice with a round velvety mouthfeel.

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Harvester of Simcoe

on December 13, 2017 No comments

This Saturday 12/16, from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery, we will sell Harvester of Simcoe cans at $20 per four pack with a 1 case limit per person (limits subject to change as needed). We applied lessons from our dHop series to this batch of Harvester of Simcoe and now pull a juicy pineapple with supporting notes of bright pine and berries. The taste is a vibrant pillowy pineapple followed by a firm but rounded bitterness. We will also have crowlers and merch available. More to come….

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info@eqbrew.comHarvester of Simcoe

sNOw problem!

on December 8, 2017 No comments

sNOw problem!

We have tents and heat lamps set up in our share area to help keep you warm tomorrow. See you then.

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info@eqbrew.comsNOw problem!

Saturday Can Release info!

on December 8, 2017 No comments

Hello All – Please find below some details and changes to how Saturday’s release will operate:

1) Please get a line ticket when you show up as usual
2) We are going to have separate prefill crowler tickets if you want crowlers:
a) There are no numbers! They’re not needed
b) Please mind the posted limits
c) Fill out the ticket with the crowlers you plan on purchasing
d) Place crowler tickets in the crowler ticket bin
e) We’ll collect the tickets periodically, tally the numbers, and start prefilling according to the total numbers
f) This should help things move smoothly and quickly when the sale starts
3) Its strongly encouraged to join the amazing line-shares that occur in the share area (but of course not mandatory).
4) Event starts at 11:30 AM as usual. The line will be shifted back slightly as shown.
5) Can sales will occur under a tent at the bay door next to the silo. You will need your ticket for this.
6) If you wish to purchase Crowler and/or Merchandise, please proceed to the second bay door near the street. You will not need your ticket for this. Please try hard and remember what you wrote on your crowler ticket. This will help everyone have a smooth experience

PS – we will also have limited crowler fills of our Answer collab: Can It Be All So Simple available

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info@eqbrew.comSaturday Can Release info!

New glassware!

on December 7, 2017 No comments

This Saturday we will also have this 12oz. Rastal Harmony glass for sale. Limit 2 per person, $13 each.

Other Merch Notes:

Enamel dot pins will be available.

We also have e-Gift certificates available on our website, for your gift giving needs.

Crowler availability for this weekend coming very soon.

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info@eqbrew.comNew glassware!

Double can release!

on December 6, 2017 No comments

This Saturday Dec. 9th from 11:30 AM to 6 PM, we are releasing two cans at one case limit of each per person.

The first is Fractal Citra/Mosaic, which investigates the interplay between Citra, Mosaic, and our revised hopping processes. Fractal Citra/Mosaic pours a resinous-hazy-straw yellow releasing complex aromas of dank citrus, passion fruit, berries, earthy grass, and tropical melon. The taste is resinous, dank pineapple juice, touch of pine, and ends with a slightly creamy mouthfeel and a firm but rounded bitterness. ($16 per 4-pk)

The second is Vulgar Display Of Flower, which is a tribute to an aggressive yet balanced assault on the senses. It blends East-meets-West coast DIPA with our own Equilibrium twist. It is dry, bitter, piny, resinous, yet remains smooth, juicy, and drinkable. This concoction displays the hop flower’s assertive yet delicious nature. ($18 per 4-pk)

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info@eqbrew.comDouble can release!