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on February 28, 2018 No comments

This Saturday 3/3 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery we will be selling cans of Old Denali Bastard at $20 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

Denali is a hop that we’ve had interest in for sometime. Our local line sheriff brought this name up as a joke a few weeks ago… and well… sometimes we are just inspired to do things because we find them funny. Old Denali Bastard is a single hop DIPA hopped at the rates of our dHop series. It pours hazy tangerine with predominant notes of pineapple up front supported by lemony-orange zest and tropical fruit with a slight touch of pine. The flavor is chock full of juicy fresh pineapple layered with whispers of zest and juicy fruit.

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This Saturday 02/24 alongside Da Mystery of Chinook and Miami BerlinerVice, will be be selling cans of EQM, $20 per 4 pk, 1 case Limit per person (limits subject to change)

EQM – is the first beer that I (Pete) ever made in Feb of 2013. Being me, I tried to create an intensely hoppy beer… but I also liked this specific amber malt… but I also was/am obsessed with citrus so I included some orange zest to balance the biscuit qualities of the malt. What started out as a trainwreck of an idea, ended in up as a unique delicious creation that balances the interplay of a vast array of flavors. EQM is the chemical symbol for when a system reaches equilibrium. Ricardo ended up loving it and we decided to open a brewery.
We brewed this beer for the first time in years as homage to our humble beginnings almost 5 years ago. This beer is contains a blend of hops now at the rate of our dHop series with a healthy dose of a specific British Amber malt. This beer was then allowed to rest on Cara Cara orange peels for enough time to incorporate a subtle orange into its experience. EQM pours a very hazy brown emmiting aromas of biscuit and orange buoyed by a strong hoppy backdrop. The flavor follows the aroma with juicy orange biscuits in the forefront. A soft mouthfeel and a firm bitterness keep this beer drinkable and balanced.

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Miami BerlinerVice

on February 22, 2018 No comments

This Saturday 02/24, in addition to Da Mystery of Chinook, we will be releasing Miami BerlinerVice at the brewery from 11:30am-6pm $16 per bottle. Limit set at 6pp (subject to change).

This beer was inspired by a discussion with Jonathan Wakefield prior to Wakefest. We all found a picture of our dear colleague quite frankly hilarious, stylish, slightly off putting yet we could not take our eyes off it nor stop discussing it. After various naming flavors of the Matrix where voted down, we decided the onslaught of new-age-Don-Johnson-esque fashion and style debuing in FL at Wakefest was best titled Miami BerlinerVice.

We took our introductory wild ale, Welcome to the Jungle, and refermented it on a copious amount of Blueberry, Passionfruit, and Guava totaling more than 4 lbs/gallon (fyi that’s 2x total fruit in TABA). The result is tropical blast to your senses with an olfactory experience of a sophisticated tropical punch boosted by the expression of the 100% Brett fermentation. This beer is jammy, dry, unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbed, and will continue to evolve over time if properly cellared.

More to Come..

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info@eqbrew.comMiami BerlinerVice

Da Mystery of Chinook

on February 21, 2018 No comments

To help kick off NYC craft beer week, this Saturday 2/24 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery, we will release Da Mystery of Chinook. $20 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

Hops are like a game of chess. We move our pieces by continually refining, experimenting, and looking for ways to improve our concentrations of hop deliciousness in the glass. While examining specific terpene concentrations that we thought would go well with our evolving hop process, we noticed Chinook had a specific desirable profile so we sought out to explore the mystery of Chinook. It pours a hazy tangerine color, releasing bright tropical notes of grapefruit, pine, earthy citrus, and candied mango. The flavor profile mimics the aroma with a soft mouthfeel and a dry finish that leaves the palate ready for the next sip.

2 more new beers to come..

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info@eqbrew.comDa Mystery of Chinook

Harvester of Simcoe!

on February 14, 2018 No comments

This Saturday 2/17 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery, we will have cans of Harvester of Simcoe (8.8% DIPA) for sale. $20 per four pack, limit 1 case per person (limits subject to change).

Harvester of Simcoe has aromas of passion fruit, bright pine, berry and earth, followed by some bready notes. The taste is a creamy pine flavor supported by tropical notes and a firm but rounded bitterness.
More to come….

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info@eqbrew.comHarvester of Simcoe!

Wakefest 2018!

on February 13, 2018 No comments

We are really excited to be pouring our beer at WakeFest this year. If you are headed down to Miami come stop by our booth!

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info@eqbrew.comWakefest 2018!

Master of Pellets!

on February 8, 2018 No comments

This Saturday 2/10 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery, alongside Fools Equipoise we will be selling cans of Master of Pellets (8.0% ABV DIPA). $20 per 4pk, Limit 1 case per person.

Master of Pellets is the next beer in our heavy metal series. We have been pulling the strings of certain hops in an effort to manipulate them and make a beer that would twist our mind and challenge what we know about each hop.

Master of Pellets has a multilayered hop profile with an aroma of bright pineapple, orange peel and melon.
It’s taste is pillowy pineapple, citrus, bright pine, a touch of berry with a rounded bitterness. It’s resinous, smooth and juicy with a light dryness upon finish making it very drinkable.

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info@eqbrew.comMaster of Pellets!

Fools Equipoise

on February 7, 2018 No comments

This Saturday 2/10 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery, we will be releasing our collaboration with Fool’s Gold: Fools Equipoise (DIPA 8.0% ABV). $18 per 4pk, Limit 3 4pks per person, 70 cases available.

Years ago, our head brewer Ryan McNally was at a Fool’s Gold event in NYC and shared a pilot batch of Kinetics (now known as Fluctuation) with Patrick Donagher. Patrick, who is a fixture in the NYC bar industry, seemed to really enjoy his first taste of Equilibrium and on that night a friendship was born.
Fools Equipoise is true to the name with a blend of both new school and old school hops in search of balanced interests, and a beer so drinkable it may leave some fools unbalanced. It pours hazy with an aroma of pine and fruit cocktail. The flavor is tropical, with notes of ripe peach, papaya, mango and has a new school EQ juiciness that builds before its dry but soft and creamy finish.

In addition to our release this Saturday, Fools Equipoise will be available on draught in all of Beerly Legal Bars in NYC such as:
Fools Gold NY
The Jeffrey Beer Bar & Cafe
The Rochard NYC
Alewife NYC
With a kick off event 2/23 6pm at Fool’s Gold in NYC.

More To Come!

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info@eqbrew.comFools Equipoise


on February 1, 2018 No comments

This Saturday 2/3 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery, we will have cans of Fluctuation (8.1% ABV) for sale. $20 per four pack limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

Fluctuation pours a very hazy tangerine color, releasing bright tropical notes of passion fruit, mango, pineapple, and lychee with an undercurrent of sorbet and cream. Fluctuation tastes highly resinous and tropical with an assertive yet soft bitterness. We consider Fluctuation to be perfectly unbalanced.

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