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EQ Spotlight!

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EQ Spotlight:

Meet Ricky, he is part of of production team here at Equilibrium. He has a wide range of functions including moving beer from the tanks, preparing beer for the packaging team, cleaning tanks and equipment, filling kegs and transporting pallets of fresh beer to and from the cold room among some other things.

Speed Round:
If you could be any Animal, which would you be and why?
I would be a Lion because they are the King of the jungle.

Have you ever met anyone famous?
Nope, not yet.

If you could pick up a new skill or hobby and be great at it without any practice what would it be?
I would love to be a professional MMA fighter.

What is your favorite meal?
My favorite meal is rice and beans with chicken.

What do you like most about working at Equilibrium?
Besides bothering my cousin Will daily, I like meeting the people that come to our releases.

Do you collect anything? Not intentionally, but I do have a few knives and swords, so maybe I do…

Name a place you’ve haven’t been but would love to visit?
I would really like to visit The Bahamas one day.

When do have the most fun at Equilibrium?
I have the most fun on release days, it’s a really good time.

When you aren’t drinking beer, what is our favorite type of adult beverage to enjoy?
When I’m not drinking beer, I go for whiskey / bourbon.

Ricky has been with Equilibrium for 1 year and on his days off he likes hanging with family and friends. He also enjoys riding ATV’s on the trails and hanging on the lake in the summer.

Hope you enjoyed this round, see you next week!

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info@eqbrew.comEQ Spotlight!

TABA Pineapple!

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This Saturday, 5/12 at the brewery from 11:30am-6pm and alongside Pump The Brakes, we will be releasing There and Back Again Pineapple (6% ABV) at $16 per bottle. In an effort to help these bottles last through the day, we are setting limits at 4pp. (subject to change)

There and Back Again is a tale of a spontaneous fermentation, isolation, confiscation, rejuvenation, mutation, and finally perturbation. This sour American wild ale is a collaborative effort with our dear friend Dr. Jason Rodriguez. We took our house “honey badger” mixed culture (no saccharomyces) and allowed it to ferment and sour over several months before refermenting it on pineapple. The result is a bright and clean pineapple flavor boosted by the tropical expression of our microorganisms. This beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated and will continue to evolve over time if properly cellared.
More to come..

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info@eqbrew.comTABA Pineapple!


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This Saturday 5/12 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery, alongside Pump The Brakes and TABA Pineapple we will be selling cans of dHop2. $20 per four pack, limit one case per person (limits subject to change)

dHop 2 is a 8.5% DIPA that investigates the interplay between our ale strain and an intensive Mosaic and Citra forward hop bill woven four times into its creative process. It pours a very murky tangerine color, releasing notes of orange juice (with pulp) and earthy grass. The taste is highly resinous, dank-citrus, pine juice, with a chewy mouth feel and a firm and pointed bitterness.

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Cantillon Blåbær release!

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If you are in Copenhagen come say hi to Pete and Will this week there will be a tap takeover featuring our beer at Himmeriget on Thursday during the much anticipated Cantillon Blåbær release!

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info@eqbrew.comCantillon Blåbær release!

Pump the Brakes!

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This Saturday 5/12 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery we will be selling cans of Pump The Brakes (8.0% ABV) at $20 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.
We loved Even More Unbalanced so much that we decided to pump the brakes on it and scale this TIPA down to a DIPA. The same blend of Citra, Galaxy, Denali, Mosaic, and Amarillo pours an intensely hazy tangerine color with a blast of bright tropical mango, pineapple, apricot, and berry. The taste is blended tropical fruit. It remains fluffy but with a proper bitterness for balance.
More to Come..

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info@eqbrew.comPump the Brakes!

Action Kyle!

on May 8, 2018 No comments

We want you to get to know the people who help bring our liquid to you on a weekly basis. On Tuesdays we will spotlight a random employee and ask them some thought provoking questions.
Meet one of our three Kyle’s, around here he goes by the nickname Action Kyle, not to be confused with OG Kyle or Canadian Kyle. He works in the packaging department which means he helps us can, bottle and fill crowlers of beer. You may also see him in the retail area certain days.
Here we go:
-What was your first job?
I worked at A&P Supermarket for about two weeks, it wasn’t for me so I quit.
-What hobbies do you have besides beer?
I dabble with magic cards and I consider myself to be a big movie buff.
-What music are you listening to right now?
Hot Water Music: Caution
-What do you want to spend more time doing?
Having beer shares and pouring beer for people.
-What would people be surprised to know about you?
I’ve never been on an airplane
-Favorite Pizza Topping?
Thai chili chicken, buffalo chicken or pepperoni, hold the red sauce.
-What makes you lose track of time?
Hmm, Spending time with my Fiancé or playing PUBG on my cell phone.
-What is one of your favorite memories at Equilibrium so far?
Meeting Jeppe, Twice!
This picture was taken a while back, prior to Kyle cutting off that fluffy beard and during the days of hand labeling.
We hope you enjoyed a deeper look into what makes Equilibrium Brewery tick.

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info@eqbrew.comAction Kyle!

Armsby Abbey

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Hey Massachusetts! Tomorrow 5/8 some of the EQ Crew will be taking a last minute road trip to Armsby Abbey. They will be pouring Fractal Galaxy, Sexual Fluctuation, Harvester of Simcoe and TABA Cherry. If you’re in the area, come on by!

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info@eqbrew.comArmsby Abbey

Raffle for Georgia!

on May 4, 2018 No comments

EQ community, Ryan here. I’m looking for your help for a local family and classmate of mine from Minisink Valley. Ken Tauber’s 4yr old daughter, Georgia, was viciously attacked by a dog and is in intensive care in Westchester. I’m going to post a gofundme page that was set up on their behalf that goes into more detail about Georgia’s situation.

This Saturday May 5th, we will be raffling off 2 different magnums. One of our newest release, TABA Cherry, which is just coming off a gold medal win at TapNY and secondly, TABA Blackberry/Raspberry. As you might know, we don’t currently sell these magnums to the public and this is your only chance to acquire one. All proceeds from this raffle will go to the Tauber family to help them in their time of need.
At EQ, we consider community and family as one of the biggest parts of our early success.
Tickets are $2 each. Winners will be chosen at random at 11:30am.

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info@eqbrew.comRaffle for Georgia!