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Meet Dino!

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Meet Dino, he works on the canning and bottling line along with helping with retail sales at the brewery. He was introduced to the beer world in 2002 when he stopped at a random beer store in Newtown, CT and bought some bottles he thought looked cool. Some ended up being Chimay and similar Belgian beers. A big difference from the college beers he was used to.
Dino, who also works in finance and accounting is a huge music fan, attends concerts regularly and has a wide musical range; all the way from Phish to Taylor Swift.
He and his wife, Kristen have 4 cats, 2 of which are rescue cats named “The Good Brothers”.

Speed Round:
What was your favorite chicken wing flavor??
While I like a good garlic Parmesan wing, suicide, as hot as you can make it will always be my favorite.

Do you have any hobbies?
Outside of beer related things??? I love to go to concerts, play disc golf and hike.

What was the best concert you’ve attended?
This is really hard as I’ve been to well over a thousand, so I’m going to cheat a bit.
1) Dave Matthews Band 6/8/97- My first DMB show. Not only a great show, but the start of something that shaped many years of my adult life (and indirectly led me to meeting my wife).
2) Phish 8/14/09- the show when I finally “got” Phish. Haven’t looked back since and are now my favorite band.
3) Taylor Swift 6/22/11- First official date with my wife, and a great show!

What would some people be surprised to know about you?
I have a masters degree in business administration

Favorite memory at EQ so far ?
Sharing a Blaeber with Jeppe and some of my co-workers. Unreal experience.
That said, I also like every day that I work retail, as I really like meeting our customers and interacting with them.

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info@eqbrew.comMeet Dino!


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This Saturday 6/30 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery and in addition to both Austin Boysenberry and Harvester of Science we will be selling cans of dHop11 (8.5% ABV DIPA). $20 per 4-pk, Limit 1 case per person.

dHop11 showcases a continuing commitment to hop exploration and dedication to our creative process. For this recipe, we used a new blend of SIX different hops along with a touch of wheat. dHop11 pours a hazy gold that releases notes of tropical fruit. The taste is slightly dank citrus with a mix of tropical flavors, reminiscent of a delicious fruit cup. The beer showcases a reaction we have been working on leaving a dry but juicy finish.

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We are working with Middletown establishments to carry our beer for onsite consumption!

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We are working with Middletown establishments to carry our beer for onsite consumption! One comment we consistently receive from out of town visitors is: “you don’t have a taproom, we just drove far and we’d like to sit down and enjoy some EQ beer”… Our taproom is in progress, but we thought it would be great for both visitors and locals alike to have access to our beer while enjoying some of the wonderful places Middletown has to offer.
Our beer will be available in cans for onsite consumption exclusive to Middletown’s two zip codes: 10940 and 10941. To kick off this process, our friends at the following accounts will have cans for onsite consumption as early as this Thursday 6/28 (please check with individual establishments for availability):
– DeStefano’s Olde Erie
– John’s Of Arthur Ave (BYOB for now and welcomes people with EQ cans)
– Mix N Mac (liquor license pending)
– Nina
– Pizza E Birra
– Quinnz Pinz
– Scotchtown Craft
– Something Sweet Dessert Cafe
– The Beer King (Crowlers to go)
– The Bullroom
– The Taco Factory

This list will continue to expand! A current list of accounts can always be found here:
If you’re a Middletown establishment with the zip code of either 10940 or 10941 and would like to carry our beer, please contact us at:
EQ Crew


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info@eqbrew.comWe are working with Middletown establishments to carry our beer for onsite consumption!

Harvester of Science!

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This Saturday 6/30 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery and in addition to Austin Boysenberry we will be selling cans of Harvester of Science (8.5% ABV DIPA). $20 per 4-pk, Limit 1 case per person. Limits subject to change.

We took our Head Brewer’s favorite beer recipe and process and blended in two of our favorite new-school hops to give birth to a new beer: Harvester of Science.
It has aromas of passion fruit, bright pine, peach, berry and pineapple. The taste is a tropical juice balanced by pine and a firm but rounded bitterness.
More to come..

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info@eqbrew.comHarvester of Science!

Austin Boysenberry!

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This Saturday 6/30 from 11:30am-6pm at the brewery we will be selling bottles of Austin Boysenberry for $15 per bottle. Limits set at 4 bottles per person (subject to change).
We have been continually testing and refining our farmhouse fermentations and processes to bring you Austin Boysenberry, which is one of the finest farmhouse ales we’ve produced to date. Austin is a farmhouse ale built by the inspiration to share beer with people close to heart. It is pale, tart, delicate, and complex with a bit of pleasant funk. Austin was then refermented on boysenberries at a rate of more than 2 lbs of fruit per gallon for additional months. The result is a bright jammy-fruit character boosted by the expression of our microorganism. This beer has a beautiful drinkable balance from the heartiness of the boysenberry and the dryness of the base ale. This beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated and will continue to evolve over time if properly cellared.

More to come..

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info@eqbrew.comAustin Boysenberry!

Eddies Roadhouse dinner!

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We want to send a huge thank you to Eddie and the whole crew at Eddies Roadhouse. Last night, they held an amazing 6 course beer dinner featuring our liquid. The food was outstanding and the crowd was electric. Thank you to all of you who attended.

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info@eqbrew.comEddies Roadhouse dinner!

Hey, Miami! We are coming to visit.

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Hey, Miami! We are coming to visit.

On Friday 6/29 we will be hanging Boxelder Craft Beer Market as they host us for a tap takeover and can sale.
Tap Takeover includes:
-Fractal Citra+Mosaic
-Special Relativity
-There and Back Again

Can Sale includes:
-Fractal Citra+Mosaic

The event starts at 7pm. Please visit Box Elder for more information.

On Saturday 7/1 We will see you at
Free The Whales

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info@eqbrew.comHey, Miami! We are coming to visit.


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This Saturday 6/23 from 11:30am-6 pm at the brewery and alongside Fractal Citra+Mosaic we will be selling cans of Mmm… Osa. $14 per four pack, limit 1 case per person.
Mmm… Osa (4.8% ABV) is our beloved Photon American Pale Ale conditioned on freshly zested oranges at a rate of 6 oranges per barrel. It is everything photon is, with a dominant orange presence; this citric delight is our preferred way to start the afternoon.

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Weekend crowlers!

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Crowler Info for the weekend:

If you missed out on Dream Wave Fluctuation, we will be selling crowlers of it this Saturday 6/23 from 11:30am-6pm
$14 each. Limit 2 per person.

We will also have crowlers of:

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info@eqbrew.comWeekend crowlers!