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Meet Benny!

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Meet Benny! You may have seen him pouring our beer at events and festivals we have attended as he is part of the events team here at the brewery. Benny is based in NYC and has been a big supporter of NY craft beer for many years. You will often find him at any number of the awesome beer bars and breweries in and around NYC and the greater NY area.
Benny credits getting into beer many years ago when he first tried beers like Lagunitas IPA and Flower Power. These led him down the rabbit hole of craft beer sparking his interest in the many options that soon became available.
If you see Benny at an upcoming fest (looking at you Dank Day attendees) ask him about advice on Ramen, his other passion ????

Speed Round:

Do you have any phobias? I do not like bugs, all bugs, any bugs!

What are your favorite beer cities in America right now? NYC, Portland OR, and Burlington VT.

What is your favorite Equilibrium Beer? For hops, I have to go with Fluctuation for Sours, TABA Guava passion fruit.

You are known for your love of ramen, what 3 toppings should every bowl of ramen have?
Easy! A boiled egg, scallions and pork jowl.

What international destination would you like to visit that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
Belgium, for the beautiful landscape, ????jk, for beer of course.

Do you have any pet peeves? Yes, people who do not move out of the way when subway doors open so people can get in and out.

What is your favorite memory at EQ so far? Saturday 4/21, We were all at Other Half for the first of the collab releases, then we cannonballed up to Middletown for the Sexual Fluctuation release, Johnny and his perfect hair was there slinging D96 beers, Pete and dat brisket, oh and it was my birthday. It was a cute day!


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info@eqbrew.comMeet Benny!


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A fresh batch of MC² will also be released this weekend. $18 per 4-pk, Limit 1 case pp.
Also available, 16 oz. Willi Becher glasses in black, white and satin grey along with 16 oz. tulip glasses in gold and silver metallic.

Note: Please do not put these in the dishwasher. Cleanse lightly by hand.

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This Saturday 8/4 from 11:30am-6 pm at the brewery alongside Aquila, we will be selling cans of Mmm… Osa. $14 per four pack, limit 1 case per person.
Mmm… Osa (4.8% ABV) is our beloved Photon American Pale Ale conditioned on freshly zested oranges at a rate of 6 oranges per barrel. It is everything photon is, with a dominant orange presence; this citric delight is our preferred way to start the afternoon.

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This Saturday (8/4; 11:30 – 6 PM) we will debut Aquila, our 8% DIPA collab with Horus Aged Ales at $20 per four pack, limit 1 case per person (limits subject to change).

Aquila is the scientific (latin) name for true eagle and the constellation of the eagle that delivered the lightening bolt to the thunder god. Kyle came to Middletown to brew this DIPA with Pale Wheat, Flaked Oats, and Malted Oats, intense kettle hopping of Citra and Mosaic, followed by a large dose of Galaxy, and for Equilibrium’s first time El Dorado in the dry hop. Aquila pours a brilliant hazy yellow releasing intense aromatics of passion fruit, pineapple, mango, and ripe citrus boosted by subtle notes of freshly baked bread. The taste follows the aroma with a chewy resinous finish and a mild and smooth bitterness.

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