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Can It Be All So Simple

on November 25, 2019 No comments

This Wednesday 11/27, starting at 12pm at the brewery, we are happy to bring back Can It Be All So Simple, a collab with @theanswerva (8.2 % ABV DIPA) at $20 per 4-pk, limit 1 case per person. Limit subject to change.

It’s been two years since Can It All Be So Simple (our first collaboration ever) dropped. Now, as we excitedly get to fulfill our big dream with moves to South Street. We also want to remember the simpler times. Our processes and techniques have been elevated over these past two years but we wanted to revisit this beer in its OG form, so we turned off the EQjuice and brewed it just like the first time around. With a heavy Galaxy and Mosaic hop bill it pours a hazy tangerine orange and releases bright notes of pineapple and blueberry with an aroma that mirrors the balanced and drinkable taste.

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info@eqbrew.comCan It Be All So Simple

Supreme Mathematics

on November 21, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 11/23, starting at 11:30 am at the brewery, we will introduce Supreme Mathematics (10.5% ABV TIPA) at $22 per 4-pk, limit 1 case per person. Limit subject to change.

We are a details brewery. At the end of the day, concentrations of stuff in water taste good, bring people together, and lubricate a good time… But how do these concentrations end up being what they are in our glasses? Is there one Supreme Mathematical Beer Equation to rule them all? Well… we don’t know it fully yet but when you make triples smooth AF, you often give it a shot after sampling a few. To first order, at EQ, Beer is governed by… (if you want to just skip to how it tastes now is a good time)… The summation over all concentrations in beer of their integrated individual time rate of change which is mostly governed by our microbial populations, heat transfer, ideal gas laws, yummy hop oils, hessian optimization matrices (e.g. user input), acidity, bitterness, hydrophobic partitioning, partitioning between air and beer, more yummy hop oils, and of course bubbles in beer (we decided things like sugar levels are mathematically trivial and have no home in this master equation). We have left out our confidential “dC/dt” equation for EQjuice following advice of counsel and threat of Rich Rowe.

We started with a nice base of oats and wheat and added citra, strata, and idaho7 to the whirlpool. We then dry hopped it with some of today’s favorite hops: citra, galaxy, strata, and bru-1. The result is a beautiful bright yellow hazy pour with aroma of blended tropical fruit. It has flavors of mango, guava and a touch of white grape. Its finish is pillowy and smooth with a subtle bitterness. Our EQ juice is in full swing and all the math checks out on this one.

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info@eqbrew.comSupreme Mathematics

Life After Death Star

on November 20, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 11/23, starting at 11:30 am at the brewery, we will be releasing our long awaited stout with our friends from J. Wakefield Brewing, Life After Death Star (11.0% Imperial Stout) $18 per bottle, limit starts at 4pp and is subject to change.

A Jedi prophecy foretells that the Chosen One from Florida will bring balance to beer by choking out punk ass gangsta rappers… but sometimes this path leads to the darkside. Fortunately, there is a thiicccc Life After Death Star.
Featuring a long boil to create our thickest and most decadent base yet, we added shredded raw coconut, marshmallow, vanilla, and Ghost Bear Espresso Blend coffee from the newly crowned Microroaster of the year, @mostracoffee, along with a touch of lactose.

Life After Death Star pours a viscous jet black and develops a caramel head upon pouring releasing an olfactory onslaught of beautifully balanced notes of espresso coffee paired with flavors of big fudgy creamy marshmallow, just scrapped vanilla, brownie batter, and
light coconut throughout. This beer is extremely smooth, luxurious, and creamy. You may actually try and chew it. No question this is the biggest and best stout to come out of Middletown yet.

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info@eqbrew.comLife After Death Star

20/20 Vision

on November 14, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 11/16, starting at 11:30 am at the brewery, we will be selling cans of our collaboration with Short Throw Brewing Co. , 20/20 Vision (8.2 % ABV DIPA) $20 per 4-pack. Limit 1 case per person, limit subject to change.
When Brandon came to visit we had a long chat about the new year on the horizon. For Brandon, 2020 will have his latest project Short Throw Brewing well underway while the new year for Equilibrium will welcome the opening of our South Street facility which we have been working tirelessly on. With both of us looking so very clearly on projects planned for 2020, we named our collaboration 20/20 Vision.

20/20 Vision uses a big dose of Citra and Idaho 7 in the whirlpool with a dry hop of Citra, Strata, and Galaxy. 20/20 vision pours a hazy bright yellow with a beautiful tropical nose. It has some very fun flavors including guava, mango, and yuzu fruit. 20/20 Vision is full of EQ juice and has an exceptionally smooth finish that can be mistaken for a light chuggable crusher, but at that point you’ll probably be seeing more like 20/160. 🔥🐕

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info@eqbrew.com20/20 Vision


on November 14, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 11/16, starting at 11:30 am at the brewery, we will introduce 1Sigma (10.5% ABV TIPA) at $22 per 4-pk, limit 1 case per person. Limit subject to change.

The Normal or Gaussian Distribution is the most important probability distribution in statistics & probability theory because it describes many natural phenomena. If you were to toss a coin 100 times, what is the likelihood that you would you get half tails? All tails? One-third heads? It describes the distribution of human heights, blood pressures, IQ scores, and even the “bell curve” of grades you got in class. The normal distribution is completely described by its mean and standard deviation (sigma), where the mean describes the central tendency and the standard deviation describes departures from the central tendency.
We have started to construct our own distribution with the mean set equal to that of Straight out of the Laboratory. 1Sigma is the first standard deviation above the mean which builds on the SOTL base and adds our now standardized Energy treatment using the first batch of 2019 citra. There will be more Sigmas in the future, as we explore additional deviations from our SOTL base.
1Sigma pours a very bright tangerine color with an explosive tropical nose beaming from the can as soon as it’s cracked open. We find flavors of grove stand OJ, melon, mango, lychee, and pineapple followed by fresh squeezed lime wedges while mowing the lawn. The mouth feel is pillowy and luscious while the beer ends with our signature EQ juice. Do you like it better than SOTL? It’s different, but which is better might be a coin flip.

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Unlikely Foragers

on November 13, 2019 No comments
This Saturday 11/16, starting at 11:30AM at the brewery, we will have bottles of Unlikely Foragers (6.0% Wild Ale) for sale. $12 per bottle, limit of 6 bottles per person.

Beer is community. For the 2019 vintage, a team of likely friends gathered on May 19th in an unlikely location to forage dandelion blossoms for Equilibrium’s second annual collaborative brew day. A special thanks to Mike O’Brien for sharing his beautiful field with us again. This year we saw close to double the amount of participants, a trend we hope continues. With the actual Foragers in the field photographed for the label yearly, we hope it freezes time and serves as documentation of the day that we so much enjoy spending with you.
Unlikely Foragers is a farmhouse ale brewed with dandelions and Equilibrium’s farmhouse culture. The beer pours a bright golden yellow color with a light head releasing aromas of tropical lemon, floral dandelion, light funk, and bright hay. The taste is complex and dry with a nice white wine minerality and a gentle tartness to stimulate the pallet all integrated in a balanced drink. This beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated and will continue to evolve over time if properly cellared. You can also expect to see 2019 BA variants of this beer come Spring time.

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info@eqbrew.comUnlikely Foragers

Fractal Strata

on November 7, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 11/9, starting at 11:30AM at the brewery, we are selling cans of Fractal Strata (6.8% ABV) $16 per 4-pack. Limit 1 case per person, limit subject to change.

Fractal Strata investigates the interplay between Strata and our revised hopping processes. A fractal is something simple at the core yet can produce wonderful and amazingly complex results. We use these beers to investigate how different hops manifest through our processes, allowing us to optimize both our use of hops and our hopping techniques. Fractal Strata pours a hazy yellow releasing complex aromas of both tropical and dank passionfruit, mango and melon with a whiff of sticky green. The taste follows the aroma with a resinous creamy mouthfeel and a firm but rounded bitterness.

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info@eqbrew.comFractal Strata


on November 6, 2019 No comments

This Saturday 11/9, starting at 11:30AM at the brewery, we are selling cans of Stratasphere (8.5% ABV) $20 per 4-pack. Limit 1 case per person, limit subject to change.

Sky rocket towards heavenly layered out-of-this-world goodness with our strata forward DIPA: Stratosphere. Much like the earths upper atmosphere, this is beer is layered from bottom to top with a base of of oats and wheat for an heavily hopped with strata and a touch of citra. Stratosphere is dank with layered flavors of smooth cannibus, melon, guava, and citrus with our signature EQ juice finish and will leave you (N)eeding (A)nother (S)trata (A)le 🚀

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on October 31, 2019 No comments
Möbius is our 7% ABV Porter, it has a rich and creamy foundation that showcases roasty coffee and chocolate flavors of dark grain while maintaining a high drinkability without being overly sweet. Please enjoy at 55°-60°F.
This beer will cellar well at proper cellaring temperatures.
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DIPA Stamp & You Can’t TIPA Stamp a DIPA Stamp

on October 31, 2019 No comments
This Saturday 11/2, starting at 3PM at the brewery, we are selling cans of DIPA Stamp (8.0% ABV) at $20 per 4-pack and You Can’t TIPA Stamp a DIPA Stamp (10.0% ABV) at $22 per 4-pack. Limit 1 case per person on each beer, limit subject to change.
Inspired by the scooter from the movie Dumb and Dumber, which Todd owns, we decided to spin this into a set of beers for our Halloween release.
Who is capable to deliver a briefcase? It seemed appropriate to pull EQ’s two PhDs, often refered to around the brewery as Dumb and Dumber to deliver it back to its rightful owner. But on their trip, they were chased down by the guy who checks your tickets at our release, Todd “Sea Bass” Lyons.
DIPA Stamp uses a base of oats and wheat and our current favorite blend of hops in the whirlpool before we dry hopped it with citra and bru-1, a first use hop for us. Notes and flavors of citrus, stone fruit, melon, and dank pineapples. It’s like a fruit parfait with a very creamy mouthfeel and a crushable #EQjuice finish.
You Can’t TIPA Stamp a DIPA Stamp is scaled up to a triple. We used a bigger dose of oats and scaled up the same whirlpool hop combo and dry hopped it with citra, bru-1, and mosaic before and adding a touch of lactose. This bigger and bolder version tastes like a dank mango and papaya version of Sunny D. It’s soft and has a great juicy finish making it too drinkable. At 10%, you’d think we are playing Halloween tricks on you.
Some reminders: The taproom opens at 10AM on Saturday for tickets. We hope to see y’all in costume, the top 3 win prizes. Todd will be bringing this piece of Hollywood to the release for you to check out in person. We’ll also have BBQ and Burgers for you to nibble on.
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info@eqbrew.comDIPA Stamp & You Can’t TIPA Stamp a DIPA Stamp