Agent Orange

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This Saturday 02/16 starting at 11:30AM at the brewery, we bring you our collab with our homies Interboro NYC: Agent Orange (8.0% abv DIPA) at $20 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

Agent Orange is our first collaboration made here in Middletown with our friends from Interboro Spirits and Ales. This beer is inspired by local togetherness, EQ’s home in Orange County, Jesse’s background in the indie hip-hop scene, and one of Middletown’s own underground hip-hop stars. This beer is as complex as the concept. So what happens when you take a healthy dose of 2-row, wheat and oats combined with a hop bill of amarillo, citra, belma, and simcoe and age it on fresh orange zest?
You get a bright yellow hazy citrusy DIPA that smells of futuristic oranges and tastes of peach, tropical fruit and dank orange fruit cup with a touch of canabis. The fresh zest compliments the flavors and helps mimic the fresh squeezed OJ Grandma used to make on a Sunday morning, just with new level oranges. It has a chewy mouthfeel and absolutely explodes with our #EQjuice.

Cliff Notes: Think Adrestia with Orange Zest!

As a reminder, tickets will be handed out on Saturday at 7am in our taproom. If you arrive before that, kindly hold your own place in line until an employee arrives to open.

… No more to come

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This Saturday 02/16, from 11:30AM-10pm at the brewery, we are excited to offer Möbius for the first time in bottled form. $9 per bottle, limit of 12 bottles per person (1 case; sorry about BASR1).
Möbius is our 7% ABV Porter, it has a rich and creamy foundation that showcases roasty coffee and chocolate flavors of dark grain while maintaining a high drinkability without being overly sweet. Please enjoy at 55°-60°F.

This beer will cellar well at proper cellaring temperatures.

As a reminder, tickets will be handed out on Saturday at 7am in our taproom. If you arrive before that, kindly hold your own place in line until an employee arrives.

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This Saturday 02/16, from 11:30AM-10pm at the brewery, we are happy to bring you our collaboration with Alewife Brewing Company, Entente (8.0% abv DIPA) at $20 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

Entente is a term for parties with a common interest or goal. Patrick and Keir from Alewife Brewing (which was recently awarded best new brewery in NY by Rate Beer) came up to Middletown and brewed this beer with us to blend our two styles of beermaking.
Entente was made using a grain bill of 2 row and white wheat utilizing both old and new school hops. It pours a glowing yellow color and has an aroma of just peeled oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. The citrus medley flavor dominates along with a touch of light pine. The finish is soft and resinous with an escalating build up of our #EQjuice.

We have received some inquiries on how the ticket process will work for Saturday’s release. Tickets will be handed out at 7am in the taproom when it opens. If you arrive before that, kindly hold your own place in line until attendants arrive.

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Barrel Aged Special Relativity 1

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This Saturday 02/16, from 11:30AM-10PM at the brewery, we are extremely excited to offer our first beer aged in oak barrels: Barrel Aged Special Relativity 1 at $20 per bottle. Due to the very limited yield out of this single barrel, limit is set at 1 bottle per person. We don’t expect these bottles to make it into Sunday and we will not be holding any for the following Thursday.

Special Relativity is a special case of General Relativity, which focuses more on time (and space) as opposed to gravity. Embracing the theme of time, we chose Bourbon Barrels from our friends at Hillrock Estate Distillery. Hill Rock Distillery produces hand-crafted spirits made with their own grain, floor malted, craft distilled in copper pot still, and aged in fine oak. Special Relativity 1 was allowed to equilibrate for over 8 months with Hill Rock bourbon, charred oak, and smoke flavors to achieve a harmonious and synergistic balance. This beer opens up with strong notes of oak, bourbon, char, and bittersweet chocolate, with a slight touch of coffee. Its flavor follows the aroma with a full viscous body and a smooth chocolate-bourbon palate linger that lets you enjoy the transition time between sips as it warms your soul. This beer should be served near room temperature (~68 F) to enjoy the bouquet of complexity that went into its creation. This beer will cellar well at proper temperatures (55 – 65 F).

We are also pleased to debut the artwork from our friend and local illustrator Julia Green (@juliagreenartistwhosings). We’re excited to work with Julia moving forward, who will hand draw the labels for our expanding barrel program and the Equilibrium Series.

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Mass x Acceleration

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We are pleased to introduce Mass x Acceleration (8.0% ABV) this Saturday 02/09 from 11:30AM – 6PM, at the brewery. $20 per 4-pk, Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

Mass x Acceleration, or Force, is the next in the series following Governing Forces and dC/dt that examines the basic properties of our new hardware. Mass x Acceleration is the first time we’ve blended massive doses of two of our favorite hops: Mosaic and Amarillo.

This juicy elixir pours a glowing tangerine color with aromas of dank orange juice with that melony EQ juice thing. The taste is orange/mango for days and melon flavored gummy bear juice.

We will also have a brand new batch of Photon, our Pale ale at $14 per 4-pack.

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Barry Knows

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This Saturday 2/9 from 11:30AM – 6PM, at the brewery, we are happy to offer our Wild Ale Collab with Dry & Bitter Brewing Company : Barry Knows (6.0% ABV) at $18 a bottle limit 6 bottles a person.

Barry Knows was conceived late late night in the ultimate Copenhagen bachelor pad during the realization that Barry White’s music contained imperative life lessons and should be a brewing abstraction for a farmhouse ale aged on berries… This disaster of a concept quickly turned into a celebration of blossoming friendship so we moved forward with the idea. Pete, Will, and Søren decided to push their own embarrassment further by using a picture of everyone’s favorite person for the label: Rich Rowe, who’s almost certainly not related to the singer. No, that doesn’t make any sense. Barry knows that somethings in life just need to be for fun.

Barry Knows is a farmhouse ale brewed with Equilibrium’s farmhouse culture and allowed to ferment and sour over several months before aging it with several select berries (yes, Barry/berry is the combined cleverness of two PhDs): raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, and boysenberry. The beer pours glowing fuchsia with tight carbonation releasing a berry blast of aroma supported by light lactic funk and bright hay. The taste follows the aroma with tart-jammy fruit balanced by a pleasant drinkable dryness. The beer has been conditioned for several months, is unfiltered, naturally carbonated and will continue to evolve over time if properly cellared.


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This Saturday 2/2, from 11:30AM – 6PM at the brewery, we will be selling cans of Fluctuation. $20 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limit subject to change.
Fluctuation (8.1% ABV DIPA) pours a very hazy tangerine color, releasing bright tropical notes of passion fruit, mango, pineapple, and lychee with an undercurrent of sorbet and cream. Fluctuation tastes highly resinous and tropical with an assertive yet soft bitterness. This batch has a very bright and refreshing EQ juice finish. We consider Fluctuation to be perfectly unbalanced.

We will also have a new batch of MC² (8.0% ABV DIPA) available. This batch is considered to be one of the very best yet, ending with an extremely juicy profile.
$18 per 4-pk.

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Reverse Migration

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To help NY deal with these freezing temperatures, we’re bringing some of that Florida pastry stout heat up North with our 3 Sons Brewing Co. collab, Reverse Migration (11% ABV). This adjunct stout will be available for on-site consumption only in an 8 oz pour for $8 in our taproom starting this Thursday 1/31 at 4 PM. A full bottle may also be enjoyed onsite for parties of two or more. Please join us to celebrate the opening of our onsite experience in addition to 3 Sons winning best new Brewer in the world!

Reverse Migration is our first pastry stout we brewed here in Middletown with our good friend Corey from 3Sons. It’s the thicccccest and most decadent stout we’ve made yet and we allowed it to mature for several months before further aging on Bolivian cacoa, toasted cocconut, and a touch of coffee from our friends at Boonton Coffeeroasters. It pours dark and viscous releasing potent cocoa and coconut aromas with a touch of roasted coffee. The sip has a full viscous mouthfeel with rich, sweet, and decadent flavors balanced by a subtle bitterness from the chocolate and coffee. Note: no lactose was harmed in this beers creation.

We will also have these beers on for pours:
Thursday and Friday:
•Hop Wave 6
•Straight Outta The Laboratory

Saturday and Sunday:
•Straight Outta The Laboratory
•dHop 1
•Paradise City Pineapple/Lychee/Peach

Draught list subject to change based on availability.

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This Saturday 01/26, from 11:30AM-6PM at the brewery, we are happy to welcome back dHop 1 at $20 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

dHop is our DIPA series that investigates how changing different aspects of hops changes our DIPAs, which will allow us to optimize our hops and hopping procedure. dHop1 is our 8.5% DIPA with an intense mosaic forward hop bill. Applying what we’ve learned from this series, we were able to pull a very bright and tropical mosaic. It pours a very lively tangerine color, releasing notes of bright citrus, tropical melon, cream and a touch of dank earth. The taste is a juicy piney tropical melon flavor with a touch of berry and layers of hop resins that roll around the tongue, making it extremely drinkable.

This is also the first batch of dHop 1 that features our extremely juicy finish we like to call #EQjuice.

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Straight Outta The Laboratory

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This Saturday 01/26, from 11:30AM-6PM at the brewery, we are happy to announce the return of Straight Outta The Laboratory (10.2% abv TIPA) at $22 per four pack. Limit 1 case per person, limits subject to change.

Our love of science and experimentation has us continually working to dial in our processes while in our playground (aka our laboratory) and we feel it shows in the second coming of SOTL. As you may recall, we started with the Straight Outta Middletown grain bill, supersized the citra portion, applied recent findings to achieve a beer bursting with our signature #EQjuice finish.

Straight Outta The Laboratory pours a hazy bright tangerine and has aromas of freshly squeezed citrus, lime, grapefruit, and a tropical character that makes actual tropical fruit green with envy. The flavor is explosive with notes of bright tropical orange juice, mango smoothie, and dank grass. It’s resinous and chewy with an escalating brightness and a just a touch of residual sweetness balanced by a soft bitterness.

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