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Einstein’s Delight

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At Noon today for pickup at 2PM or later, we are selling Einstein’s Delight (10.5% TIPA) at $24 per 4-pk. We will have this available for pre-order with options for curbside pickup at the brewery or delivery throughout NY, D.C., Ohio, and Nevada.
Einstein’s Delight is a play off one of his favorite desserts, Orange Sticky Cake, which we first debuted on Energy Evolution Day as Einstein’s Favorite. We wanted to explore the possibilities and swapped out vanilla with a creamy marshmallow twist.
We took our SOTL base, added some of our favorite hops and a galactic dose of Florida navel orange zest and Marshmallow. This dessert themed beer has bright notes and flavors of tropical orange slices and assorted citrus and sweet creamy marshmallow frosting. This beer is fun and tasty. It’s extremely smooth and reminds us of an orange creamsicle dipped in a jar of Fluff. A delight Einstein would love.
No lactose was harmed while making this beer..
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info@eqbrew.comEinstein’s Delight

Super Fractal Kangaroo Set

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At Noon today, we are selling Super Fractal Kangaroo Set (10 % TIPA) at $22 per 4-pk (No Limit). We will have this available for pre-order with options for curbside pickup at the brewery or delivery throughout NY, D.C., Ohio, and Nevada.
On Pete’s recent trip to Australia, he created a new Super Fractal without even knowing it. A can of Come At Me, Bro pictured with some of our new found friends being fresh sticking out her tongue with the baby roo looking longingly waiting for his 21st bday (look closely on the label). These are BuckWild Roos inside Roos inside Roos inside Roos with those Limited edition Payton Roo shoes. With Aussie forward hops and a picture like that, Super Fractal Kangaroo Set was born. (Note: no Roos were actually allowed to drink).
Super Fractal Kangaroo Set starts off with a fractal grain bill and keeping the hops All Aussie Everything, Galaxy leads the way on the dry hop with some support from Sabro and Citra. Super Fractal Kangaroo set pours a hazy intense yellow with aromas of tropical fruit, coconut, and assorted citrus. The flavors of orange, melon, and gummy bears permeate with under an umbrella of Pina colada. Tiki drinks on an Australian beach come to mind with each sip. This beer is extremely smooth for its size and contains our explosive #EQjuice profile giving you melon and gummy notes on the backend. It’s a great example of what happens with you let your mind fractals flow freely. Drink responsibly and enjoy this Kaleidoscope of Roos raised to the fifth dimension.

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info@eqbrew.comSuper Fractal Kangaroo Set

Vitamin C-4

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At Noon today, we are selling Vitamin C-4 (8.5% DIPA) at $20 per 4-pk (No Limit). A collaboration with our friends from Vitamin Sea Brewing. We will have this available for pre-order with options for curbside pickup at the brewery or delivery throughout NYS. Please note, this collaboration is not available for out of state shipping.
On our collaboration Zoom call with Uncle Dino, we decided to bring everyone a hop bomb: Vitamin C-4. We decided to use four of our favorite hops that start with the letter C in an effort to bring you C-4 in beer form: Citra, Cashmere, Columbus, and… More Citra. Vitamin C-4 uses this hop bill and a base of 2-row, White Wheat, and Flaked Oats to pour a creamy gentle yellow and has a robust orange, citrus, mango nose. Flavors of bright orange, tangerine, peach, and mango flow throughout each sip with notes of tang and melon on the backend. This beer is extremely soft and luscious with an explosive #EQjuice build up.
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info@eqbrew.comVitamin C-4


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At Noon today, we are selling Kiwi (8.0% DIPA) at $20 per 4-pk. No Limit. We will have this available for pre-order with options for curbside pickup at the brewery or delivery throughout NYS, Washington, D.C., and Ohio.
Kiwi is the endearing nickname of New Zealanders based on the native flightless birds, which are a symbol for the uniqueness of New Zealand wildlife and value of natural heritage. Kiwis are much like New Zealand’s rare and difficult to obtain hop, Riwaka. Often heard about but challenging to source, Riwaka needs much care to grow which leads to only a small amount being processed. When we were able to source to secure some Freestyle Riwaka and it reminds us of the elusive Kiwi… especially if you don’t have an Ellie in the forest to help search.
Kiwi starts out with a Fractal grain bill before a Citra whirlpool and a healthy dry hop of Riwaka, Nelson, and touch of citra. Kiwi pours an extremely vivid milky yellow with juicy notes permeating as soon as you pop the can open. Powerful flavors open up of bright orange, passionfruit, mango, and Riesling grape with lighter notes of berry, white pepper, and New Zealand earth. Kiwi has a beautiful creamy mouthfeel and our signature #EQjuice finish that will transport you to the lush and beautiful island rain forests of New Zealand in just a few sips.

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Blåbærry Pancake Breakfast Stout

on May 18, 2020 No comments

This Monday, 05/04/20, at 9AM on Eventbrite, we will release one of our most decadent creations yet, Blåbærry Pancake Breakfast Stout, a collaboration with friends from Evil Twin Brewing NYC and Mostra Coffee (11% Imperial Stout) $20 per 500ML bottle. 1 bottle per person or unique credit card (NO PROXIES).
Tomorrow would have been our third year in Copenhagen as part of Team Bläbær with our dear friends Jeppe and Rasmus at Copenhagen’s world-famous beer bar Himmeriget for the Cantillon Bläbær release. This event, the people, and the antics that surround this monumental celebration is one of our favorite events of the year. Even though we couldn’t go to Copenhagen this year, we wanted to make a beer to commemorate the day we love so much. To commemorate Blåbær Day 2020, Equilibrium will celebrate LIVE on a Facebook streamed ZOOM call with Evil Twin, Himmeriget, and Mostra Coffee on 5/16 at 3PM. We would love for you to join us with this beer or anything blueberry.
Bläbærry Pancake Breakfast Stout starts off with an incredibly long boil to create an extremely thick and viscous base before we conditioned it on Mostra Ghost Bear Espresso Blend, Catskill Mountain Sugar House Maple Syrup, Blueberries, Marshmallows, and Lactose. The result is incredible. BPBS pours pitch black with bluish hued tan head while releasing aromas of chocolate cake batter, espresso, sweet maple syrup, and blueberry pancakes. The mouthfeel is decadent and chewy with a balanced and layered flavor of all its components. The olfactory experience flows with deep chocolate notes kissed with maple, light jammy blueberries, and sweet marshmallow balanced with potent espresso. Smooth, creamy, and opulent, this beer checks all the boxes and may be our favorite pastry stouts yet.

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info@eqbrew.comBlåbærry Pancake Breakfast Stout


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Today at noon, we will be selling cans of dHop 21 (8.5% DIPA) at $20 per 4pk for pre-order pickup and delivery throughout NYS and Washington, D.C.

For the next beer in our experimental series, we started with a grain bill of oat malt, flaked oats, and white wheat. We used a full-on Citra whirlpool and a dry hop of Citra, Sabro, and Belma in an effort to pull some exotic fruit flavors. dHop 21 pours a hazy tangerine with a very aromatic aroma profile. Notes of bright passionfruit and citrus explode with a light finish of coconut and strawberry. The beer is soft and creamy with a beautiful #EQjuice profile. Pulling the most that each hop has to offer has us reminiscing of some of our favorite tiki drinks. Sit back, relax, and transport yourself with a beer that will bring you right to the beach.

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